Are Colors Really THAT Important for your Brand?

When you choose a color for your brand, it shouldn’t be as simple as using your favorite color. Brand colors are very important psychologically and, if chosen correctly, can make your brand and logo even more effective. In addition to the colors themselves, you would need to decide whether your logo will be monochromatic, two-color, or full-color.

Research shows that 51% of the top 100 brands choose monochrome logos, with blue being the most popular, followed by black.

Different colors also have different meanings.

Blue – Trustworthy, conservative, honest, dependable
Black – Luxurious, expensive, sophisticated, expensive
Red – exciting, strong, passionate, bold
Yellow – creative, confident, playful, optimistic
Orange – happy, affordable, social, enthusiastic
Green – growth, environment, fresh, wealth
Purple – unique, mysterious, royalty, creative
Multi-coloured – fun, internet, easy-going, authority

Click here for more information about the meaning of each color.

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