7 Tips for Generating Leads from Instagram

  1. Be creative with your posts – don’t simply post pictures of your product
  2. Make your profile stand out as it’s the only place where you can use a clickable link
  3. Give your followers a behind-the-scenes view of your product or service
  4. Use 5-10 hashtags per post
  5. Collaborate with complementary Instagram users and @ tag them in your posts
  6. Keep your followers intrigued with teasers and reward them with special previews
  7. Measure your Instagram success using social media measurement tools, such as Kissmetrics

Instagram is a mobile photo-sharing app. You can only upload photos or video through your mobile but you can create an account either through your mobile device or your computer.

This is how you can create your Instagram account through your mobile:

  1. Download the Instagram app through the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).
  2. Once the app has been installed, click on the Instagram icon to open the app.
  3. Tap on Sign Up, enter your email address and tap on Next.
  4. You could also choose the Log in with Facebook option to register using Facebook.
  5. Create your username and password, complete your profile information.
  6. Tap Done and you’re all ready to upload your visual content.
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