7 Tips for Increasing your Twitter Followers

  1. Create Twitter lists and add Twitter members to your lists. They will generally thank you by following you. You can use technology like IFTT to automate your Twitter lists
  2. Get involved in Twitter trends without deviating from your focus. Try to relate trending topics to your brand or industry
  3. Post responses to tweets from popular tweeters. People will see your response and that could attract interest and ultimately followers
  4. Whenever someone engages with you on Twitter, thank them! Whether it’s a mention, a retweet or a follow
  5. Add a Twitter button to your website and your Facebook page
  6. Automate as much as possible using social media management tools like Hootsuite
  7. Use these tools to schedule tweets for the optimal time of day and to measure results

Whether you have an online or offline business, it is essential to have a credible online presence. Today’s consumers search for information, share experiences and make many purchasing decisions online.

Following these guidelines will help you attract new customers and increase sales. Satisfied customers can also spread the word about your business via social media. The most important social channels for your business are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How to open a Twitter account:

  1. Go to www.twitter.com
  2. Click on the Sign Up button at the top of the page.
  3. Create your account.
  4. Now start following people – celebrities, brands or people you know.
  5. Optimize your profile – upload a profile pic and header photo, write a short bio, add your website link.
  6. Start tweeting!
  7. Build your followers by following others, retweeting, and posting interesting content.
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