BeProfit - Profit Tracker Built for Shopify Sellers

Track and analyze your profits, expenses, and more - in one place. Harness data to optimize your store and grow your profits!

Why Use BeProfit - Profit Tracker?

Understand your data at a glance. Spend less time calculating, and more time improving your store!

Everything In One Place

View your profits and expenses including production, shipping, marketing costs, and more.

Data Made Simple

No more eyebrow raising at Google Analytics; get complex business metrics broken down and explained.
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Automated Syncing

One-time setup and you’re good to go! We sync with your Shopify store, Google Ads, and Facebook Ads to pull data in real-time.

Why Choose Become?

Connect your data to see all of your store's expenses on one easy-to-understand dashboard.

1. Connect Metrics

Smart integrations allow us to automatically pull data in real-time from your store, marketing channels & more. Easy!

2. View Dashboard

See all your numbers and insights in super intuitive visuals and graphs - all in a single dashboard!

3. Compare Anything!

Select up to 4 metrics at a time to see how they compare in one graph, over any selected time period.

4. Optimize Your Store

Now that you know where your money’s being spent, you can easily spot how to increase your profits!


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What's BeProfit?

BeProfit makes complex data simple. It allows you to see your profit, expenses and orders all in one place, in a clear and easy to understand dashboard. You’ll get a full breakdown of your costs, including shipping, production, marketing and more. This will ultimately allow you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your store to become more profitable.

Automated syncing with your Shopify and marketing accounts (Google and Facebook ads) allows for simple data integration. The data in your dashboard will update automatically, so you'll always know your true profit and expenses.

BeProfit is easy to use, with all your metrics explained, now you can keep track and better understand your numbers so that you can transform your store’s performance.

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