Introducing ‘Become’, a New Name, with New Values

Introducing ‘Become’, a New Name, with New Values
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Introducing ‘Become’, a New Name, with New Values


From this day on, Lending Express will now be known as Become. 

We have a bold new look, a new name and more importantly, a new mission.

So why Become?

Let’s take a step back first 


Rewind to October 2016, Lending Express was born kicking and rearing to shake up the business lending world. As the name implies, Lending Express’s primary goal was to help business owners get express funding solutions.


Our marketplace grew from just one lending partner in Australia to over 50 lending partners, operating in both Australia and the US. We’ve facilitated more than $150 million in funding and have over 150K members on our platform to date.


Growth Statistic


Technology is one of our biggest driving forces. The bright minds of our tech and creative department merged to concoct a variety of unique products. It all started with our Matchscore™ technology. Much like a dating app takes all of your personality traits and scans its database to find your soul mate, our technology works very similarly, but instead with business owners and lenders. It’s able to seamlessly match the right lender (with unique lending offers + terms) with the right business owner to find the perfect match – ain’t that sweet!  


But what about those rejected business owners that perhaps weren’t so tall dark and handsome? The ones struggling to find their perfect match? 


To the drawing board we went. 



Back to the drawing board


Just like many successful CEOs, our very own, Eden Amirav is always on the lookout for new ways our company can…


  • Become better. 
  • Become BIGGER. 
  • Better yet, become a world changer


It was during this thought process that we realized that we weren’t the only company that shares these dreams and to grow, businesses need funding. 


What about those businesses that weren’t able to secure funding through our platform? We realized if we could help those with imperfections, those who were being turned away, THAT would be a real game changer. 




Technology to the rescue


And so, LendingScore™ was born. 


LendingScore™ is a metric that defines a business’s funding odds based on the funding factors that lenders use when analyzing a business.   


Let’s say that Sally wanted to match with John on a dating app. But John stated to the app that he only likes girls with red hair and an IQ over 100. Now, Sally is blonde and has an IQ of 90 and despite wanting to match with John, she simply can’t. She’s automatically filtered out as she does not meet John’s requirements. Stick with us here… 


What LendingScore™ would do, rather than simply telling Sally she’s been rejected, is allocate her a score based on how likely she is to be matched, as well as an intuitive checklist of the things she needs to do to ‘qualify’ and match with John. She could then go away and study to improve her IQ and dye her hair red to increase her LendingScore™. Although we seriously believe that Sally should go and find a man who is willing to accept her for the way she is, unfortunately, that’s not how things work in the world of lending.


With LendingScore™, rather than a simple ‘accepted’ or ‘rejected’ response from a lender, business owners can discover exactly what they need to improve on, in order to qualify for a business loan. Users’ tailored dashboards update changes (thanks to our secure bank linking process with Plaid and Proviso) and outline all the ‘funding factors’ that need improvement. A bit like moving up levels in a game, users can watch their score grow as they follow step-by-step guidance, unlocking new and better funding solutions along the way. Unlike a game though, the rewards are the real deal ($). 


LendingScore™ Factors


Tah-dah, Lending Express went from a simple match-maker to a match-forger


We were suddenly able to shed light to business owners on why they were being rejected, and help them become fundable. 


And it became very clear that Lending Express was no longer a name to describe just how extraordinary we had become. On top of that, we needed a name easy to remember, easy to spell and easy to pronounce. A name that represents what our services can actually do and reflect the dreams and aspirations of our incredible customers – the business owners moving the needle. 


Become was born


We have a new domain:


Become is a much BIGGER story. It captures and reflects our dream to help businesses become more and secure funding. Yes, we can still help those businesses who immediately qualify to get express funding solutions, but we won’t be leaving those who don’t qualify out in the cold anymore.


We are very familiar with the pains and struggles of business owners and we wanted to build a transparent platform where they have the power to choose their funding solution and better yet, understand it. 


We have a new logo

Become Logo

Our new logo represents taking a small business and helping it to become more. It may have started as a thought, a spark, a dream – no matter how it came about, we will do our best to find a way to make that dream a reality. 

We’d like to say a very special thanks to Awesome who helped us to build our stunning new brand and make all of this possible! 


We have a new color palette

Become Colors


We have a new font

Become New Font


We have new icons – they’re dreamers too!

Become Icons


A final farewell


Lending Express, you served us well. 


You helped thousands of businesses find their perfect funding solution and more importantly, you helped us realize the missing puzzle piece in the business lending industry. 


And with every ending, there comes a new beginning.


Become the business you’ve always dreamed of

If you’re a business owner – you are welcome to become a part of this family (it won’t cost you anything either).  


Thanks for sticking with us – we may have changed our name and image, but our soul is still the same. We will continue to strive to help you, the business owners moving our economy forward, to achieve success and become the business you’ve always dreamed of. 



Become More Today


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