I Want It All: How to Become a Mother and a Business Owner All at Once

I Want It All: How to Become a Mother and a Business Owner All at Once

Reading Time: 4 minutes(Last Updated On: August 22, 2021)

When this small business owner found herself 7 months pregnant and the office she was working for closing down, she faced those challenges head-on. Taking female empowerment to a whole new level, she proved that determination really does make all the difference. 


Shannon Deamer started her direct-hire search firm, The Deamer Group, one year ago in order to provide an innovative approach that helps job-seekers and organizations meet their employment needs. Read and share her story below for some serious business inspiration.


“Can I call the shots and help make people’s dreams come true, in a way that I believe in?”


When we asked Shannon what inspired her to start her business, she informed us that she’d started it because her former place of employment had shut down. You know what they say, when one door closes, another door opens. Fortune had it that, at that time, she was 7 months pregnant. She decided it was high-time to take her financial fate into her own hands. In her interview with Become, Shannon explained what that experience was like:


“So, I found myself in one of those crossroad moments – I’m going to have this baby and then what? Do I want to continue working for another employer? Or am I ready to do this for myself? Can I call the shots and help make people’s dreams come true, in a way that I believe in?”




One year later and Deamer is the proud founder and CEO of The Deamer Group, a business aimed at revolutionizing the recruiting experience for job-seekers and employers alike. The journey has “truly been a rollercoaster ride”, Shannon pointed out, “but I’m enjoying every moment of it.”


How did we Become part of the story?


As The Deamer Group continued to grow, Shannon understood that it was crucial for her to start building up her business credit. She recalls that, when she started looking for the right business financing options, she was venturing down a new path with no map. But then she came across Become.


“In all honesty, I did not know what I was doing. I knew that I did not have the time or resources to do the in-depth research needed to get things done on my own. So I started doing some homework online and came across Become – you guys were perfect! You were educating me.”



After having applied to a number of online lenders and getting rejected with no indication of how to improve her fundability, Shannon felt no closer to successfully obtaining a business loan. It was then that she became acquainted with Become.


“Become was the first company that actively helped me make improvements and then actually secure funding”, Shannon graciously responded when asked if she had looked elsewhere for funding. “The LendingScore™ was awesome! I could focus on the right things and so I felt I was able to build myself up in the right places and establish some business credit”, she continued.


LendingScore™ to the rescue!


With the guidance that the LendingScore™ Dashboard provides, small business owners get unique insights and useful tools that help improve their funding odds, as is evidenced by Shannon’s success story (and other Become success stories like hers). She reported that if she were to sum up her experience with Become in two words, they’d be “it works”. The Become Team is proud to include The Deamer Group in the long list of small businesses that have been able to improve their access to funding and turn their dreams into reality with LendingScore™.


LendingScore™ Dashboard


When Shannon first applied through Become for business financing, her LendingScore™ was 10. By following the tailored guidance that she received on her personalized LendingScore™ Dashboard, Shannon was able to boost her score by a whopping 50+ points! That opened up funding options that were previously unavailable to her, including the business line of credit that she obtained through BlueVine.


Looking forward


We asked Shannon about her plans for the near future and her answer was nothing short of aspirational. She explained that she’s planning on using the funding she got through Become to launch a sister company that focuses more specifically on job-seekers, to help them not only get hired but also advance within their existing careers.


To that end, everyone from The Become Team wishes Shannon continued success on her incredible journey in the recruiting space! We know that Shannon will do great things for The Deamer Group with her determination and diligence – and when she needs help to get her business to the next level, Become is always here to help her get the funding she deserves to expand.

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