Making Success from Half an Opportunity

Making Success from Half an Opportunity

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Establishing a business is not a task for the weak-willed. It takes grit and determination to make it through the early stages of getting a company’s gears turning.


Bradley E. knows exactly how hard it can be to start a business from scratch and he’s doing a pretty good job of it! After successfully getting funding via Become, we followed up with him to see how he plans to utilize the funds and grow his business…


Humble beginnings


When asked what inspired Bradley to venture out and start his own company, he expressed that, back in 2018, he “was given half an opportunity and turned it into something I am proud of.”


That opportunity led him to start Multi Task Workforce, a labour hire company that strives to “establish a broad and wide range of labour hire services”, especially for warehousing and container unloading businesses.


When your business’s mission is to “provide an interchangeable skilled but stable workforce with the ability to deploy individuals effectively”, you know you’ve got your work cut out for you.


What makes the business unique?


Essentially, Multi Task Workforce is “a labour hire company specializing in warehousing and container unloading.” But when asked what makes his business stand out, Bradley told us that “relationships with our clients is what sets us apart, along with reliable staff”.


With a board of directors that cumulatively has more than 30 years of experience in supply chain operations, customer service, and finance, Multi Task Workforce has the expertise to help their clients find the right professionals that fit their needs. Bradley was able to combine those decades of experience with what he describes as “the very core” of the business: strong family values.


As Bradley demonstrates with his business, good will and a hefty amount of experience can take a business quite far. Yet even with those strengths, when Bradley wanted to expand Multi Task Workforce in order to cater for more clients, he realized that additional funding would be helpful. That’s when he began the process of looking for a business loan, which ultimately brought him to Become.


Customer Success Story


Why was the funding needed?


After getting the ball rolling, Bradley wanted to take Multi Task Workforce to the next level. With so many different client companies that Multi Task Workforce helps provide with laborers, Bradley recognized that there was a necessity to hire more staff in order for his company to keep up with demand. The funding that Bradley was able to obtain through Become allowed him to expand his own workforce and take on more clients, thereby growing his  business as well as those businesses that made use of his services.


How quick was the funding process?


According to Bradley, he was able to get Multi Task Workforce qualified for business financing within just 2 weeks – and once he was approved, Bradley received the funds the following day. Having such fast access to business financing is extraordinarily important, particularly for a company like Multi Task Workforce that had opportunities to grow and develop awaiting. Making the loan application process faster and easier is just a small part of how Become helps businesses get funding the smart way.


Bradley’s story is unique in its own right – and Become recognizes that each business has its own particular history and circumstances. Additionally, the type of business will affect the kind of industry loans a business needs. Be sure to weigh your options carefully in order to choose the right funding solution for your business.


What was the final word?


When we asked Bradley how he felt about his overall experience with Become, he expressed that he was “very grateful and will definitely use [Become] again if need be in the future.” Nothing is quite as encouraging and rewarding as hearing about how our patrons were able to achieve their goals thanks to our help. It would be our greatest pleasure to have an opportunity to assist Bradley again in elevating his business.


Cheers Bradley, and here’s to many years of continued success with Multi Task Workforce!

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