From Passion to Profession: The Story of Juggernaut Nutrition

From Passion to Profession: The Story of Juggernaut Nutrition

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Many of us grew up hearing some version of the old saying that “if you do what you love, then you’ll never work a day in your life”. As most of us have realized by now, not everybody is so lucky to have the option of making a full-time living by doing something they truly and deeply enjoy doing.


That’s why we’d like to share the inspiring story of Brock Pasteur, the founder and owner of Juggernaut Nutrition. His journey from athlete to business owner proves how a strong sense of determination and a passion for what you do in life can turn out to be a recipe for business success.


After having helped Brock receive business funding through Become’s online lending marketplace, we reached out to catch up with him and ask him about his experience. Here’s what he had to say…


Finding the market gap 


For most of his life, Brock Pasteur has been a sports guy. From college football to the NFL, and then onto competitive powerlifting, for many years Brock has remained a consistent and unwavering figure in the world of athletics.


While hard work is obviously a big part of being a powerful competitor, so is having the right nutrition – something Brock realized early on. As is the case with many athletes, Brock was no stranger to the wide variety of protein shakes, pre-workout blends, and supplements available on the market. Having spent so much time training, he realized that there was a huge need for a line of full-disclosure supplement products – something that he was surprised to find wasn’t readily available.


With so many supplement products that are dyed, proprietary-blends, full of artificial flavoring, and so on, Brock believed he could create a better solution for athletes who are looking for top-notch supplements. So he did!


That right there is the foundation of a successful business – finding the gap in the market and having the drive to go out there and do it!


Building a business


In 2016, Brock Pasteur became the first in his family to start a business when he created his very own line of supplement products which eventually grew into Juggernaut Nutrition.


In his own words, at the get-go, Brock was “wearing a lot of hats because [they] were a smaller company”. Filling so many roles meant that, among other things, his ability to implement a full-fledged marketing campaign was limited. In fact, the whole company started with one product which spread nearly entirely by word-of-mouth.


Today, Juggernaut Nutrition products are available in more than 600 locations across the United States and in 15 countries around the world. And despite its growth, Brock remains the proud formulator, designer, and manufacturer of each and every product produced by Juggernaut Nutrition – some of which have flavors that are even named after his kids, like Braxton’s Sour Pals and Wild Bear (a nickname his kids have for him).


Plus, everything is done in-house, which may make you wonder: What’s the purpose of having such fine-tuned control over the process? The answer: To make sure that the end-user has a wonderful experience with his products, and turns into a lifelong client. That’s been the guiding principle of Juggernaut Nutrition since its inception.


Of course, doing everything on your own can turn out to be more expensive than outsourcing. That’s where Become entered into Brock’s story.



Funding is the key to rapid growth


The nutritional supplement industry is chock-full of big-name brands, most of which have a significant advantage over smaller companies like Juggernaut Nutrition (particularly when it comes to resources). To remain competitive with corporations while simultaneously growing and expanding, Brock knew that it would take an extra boost to his cash flow.


“Become really did their partin making sure my company was funded for what I needed.” – Brock Turner, Founder & Owner of Juggernaut Nutrition


Juggernaut Nutrition was at a point of especially rapid growth, which can be difficult for smaller businesses to sustain. In his efforts to keep up with production, Brock needed a reliable way to bridge the financial gap that Juggernaut Nutrition was faced with.


There were plenty of projects he wanted to undertake and fund with his own money instead of borrowing funds from a lender. But, as Brock put it, sometimes “you just gotta do what you gotta do. You look for what you need when you need it – and when I needed a little help getting business funding, you guys were there for me. It was perfect timing.”

Why Become?


When we asked him why Become and what stood out in his experience with getting business funding through Become, Brock explained that “the workability and the customer service was simply great. You guys were quick and responsive, and you had offers for me within just a number of hours. You guys really did your part to make sure my company was funded for what I needed.”


When it comes to getting funded, having access to fast business loans can be the difference between success and failure. Having to wait weeks (and sometimes even months) to get approved and then have the funds finally come through can obviously have a big impact on slowing down your production line.


That’s why so many successful businesses looking to expand are turning to alternative business loans rather than old-school institutions. Similarly to how Juggernaut Nutrition was able to find the gap in the market, alternative lenders have found the “gap in the funding market”. Now small business owners have quick and easy access to funds when and where they need them.

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