Newsflash: Lending Express is Making Waves in Australia!

Newsflash: Lending Express is Making Waves in Australia!
Reading Time: < 1 minute(Last Updated On: August 19, 2019)

Become has officially launched in Australia as a one-stop-shop to compare multiple loan offers from Australia’s leading business lenders – Prospa, Capify, GetCapital, Sail Business Loans, Spotcap and more.

The Become marketplace is making headlines in Australian media and was recently featured on Telegraph Magazine.


“Cash flow is a huge pain point for Australian small businesses and fortunately, there are more opportunities than ever for them to access the capital they need to continue growing. But businesses are also time poor. They don’t have the bandwidth to complete multiple applications. That’s where Become comes in. We’re here to make it easier to choose a lender quickly and confidently” – Daniel Katz, Head of Business Operations at Become

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