Manager of Business in Sydney Carries on The Family Tradition

Manager of Business in Sydney Carries on The Family Tradition
Reading Time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: August 19, 2021)

Nothing is more cherished than family tradition passed down from generation to generation, from the top of the family tree to each new branch that grows on it. What better way to celebrate tradition than with the passing down of a family-run business? This is the privilege that Steve Board has with his family’s business, Sgboard Pty Ltd.

Sgboard Pty Ltd is a family-run business with years of experience in the concrete industry and involved in all aspects of concrete preparation for building and construction work. Mixing, laying and compacting concrete is second nature to Steve, as he worked for his father prior to acquiring the responsibility of running the business himself.

“I worked for my father and took over our family business. We are a family run business with years of experience in the concrete industry,” explains Steve.

Steve’s inspiration stems from his father who, along with handing over long-lasting work ethics, instilled in him the motivation to succeed in business, in particular with Sgboard. Steve continued to absorb and implement everything he learnt from his father and the day eventually came for him to invest the knowledge gained over the years into the company.

Steve was well-aware that in order to maintain and ultimately grow the business, he would need financial assistance. At the same time, he would have to minimize the risks involved with business funding. He could not jeopardize his equipment or property as they were more than just business assets – they were family assets, and valuable ones at that.

“As soon as I was in contact with them, they bent over backward to ensure I promptly received what I needed. Become provide a fantastic service where I find no room for improvements.” says Steve.

Steve approached Become and applied for a business loan and from the moment communication took off, his business needs were understood, analyzed and attended. Become immediately went to work for Steve, locating the most suitable lenders for his business and ones who could provide. Through quick a business loan tailored specifically for him, Steve found exactly what he was looking for. After receiving his loan, Steve was promptly able to take Sgboard in the direction he had envisioned.

Like the concrete that keeps a structure intact, so Steve holds together and maintains his family’s business. Today Sgboard Pty Ltd continues to uphold its long-standing presence in the concrete industry and is a perfect example of a thriving family-run business. Become wishes him and Sgboard all the success in the world.

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