Lending Express Helps Kayleen’s Business Get Financing Overnight

Lending Express Helps Kayleen’s Business Get Financing Overnight

Reading Time: 2 minutes(Last Updated On: February 6, 2019)

Kayleen Sylvester founded her business, Compassionate Development for The Sylvester Trust in January 2017. After working for numerous corporate companies in the Australian childcare services industry, she was inspired to create her very own service after coming to the realisation that “you can’t fit square pegs in round holes – each and every service requires their own identity.” We couldn’t agree more. This is something we too believe in at Become.

Kayleen’s new-found mission to personalise the childcare services industry is what spurred her to venture out. Her business is unique in that it provides a “new service, working with mums and dads to build childcare services where education is paramount” with a focus on customised plans to individual children’s needs. After all, every child is unique.

How did Become help the business grow?

Getting the right kind of financing is detrimental to businesses in order to help take them to the next level. Kayleen expressed that;

“My loan supported the advancements of technology to travel and have the systems and processes I required to complete a successful meeting.”

In other words, Kayleen is no longer stuck in one place, and now has the free range to travel and expand her business as she pleases.


How long did it take to get your financing?


“Surprisingly within a night, it was fantastic.” They “were professional, attentive and worked to complete my loan approval so fast, I couldn’t believe how quick they responded, I would highly recommend to others. I am a very happy customer.”


That’s just what we like to hear!


Here at Become, we are proud to have helped Kayleen’s fantastic business and be a part of such a worthy cause. We wish her the very best of luck and every bit of success in her venture.

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