Finding the Path of Least Resistance: How This Business Owner Funded Her Dreams

Finding the Path of Least Resistance: How This Business Owner Funded Her Dreams

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Your chances of getting approved for small business financing relies on many factors.

So many moving pieces can frustrate business owners, particularly when a loan rejection comes with no explanation.

Fortunately for Shannon Deamer, attention to detail and a focus on customer satisfaction are traits that she shares with Become!

After Shannon obtained business funding through Become’s online lending marketplace, we wanted to catch up to see how her experience with our services compared with other routes to business financing and how Become was able to help her.

Here’s what she had to say…


How did you envision your business?

Shannon is the proud Founder and CEO of The Deamer Group, a direct-hire search firm that provides an innovative solution to help job-seekers and businesses fill their employment needs. She was set on distinguishing her business from other job recruiting agencies, which are oftentimes characterized as ‘sharks’ for forcing people into positions they’re not fit for.

The Deamer Group has proven to be unique in its industry, namely as a result of its dedication to placing the quality of service and the customer’s interests ahead of making a quick buck.


The Deamer Group Logo


Shannon envisioned a business that brought honesty and integrity into the mix, instead of simply focusing on making money through placing job-seekers at any available position. As she explained to us, employers frequently find it difficult to choose the right candidates to fill roles in their businesses.

Her goal was to introduce a new approach that helps turn those tough choices into good choices for both the employers and the job-seekers.


A match made in business heaven

The Deamer Group’s commitment to the client’s interests resonates very strongly with the way that Become operates as well. The founders of Become are aware of the inefficiencies and imbalances that exist in certain parts of the lending market, and so dedicated themselves to giving small business owners the means and methods to find their best funding ‘match’ as well as improve their approval odds when applying for additional financing.

Business owners who apply for financing through Become are granted a level of transparency in the lending process that’s unprecedented throughout the industry. The advanced technology that allows Become to provide those unique insights is also used to match businesses with the optimal funding solution, precisely tailored to their profile and needs.

Having my information transferred to relevant lenders made the process easier because, once those lenders got in contact with me, I knew they had everything they needed to determine whether my business was fundable.

– Shannon Deamer, Founder & CEO of The Deamer Group

Similarly to The Deamer Group, the solutions developed by Become present advantages to both the small business owner and the lender. It’s no wonder why Shannon told us that if she were to sum up her experience with Become in two words, they’d be “It works”!


How did Become help turn Shannon’s vision into reality?

Before discovering Become, Shannon had applied to a number of online lenders. After several attempts, she realized that her application wasn’t just getting rejected, but those lenders also neglected to give her any real reason why or any sort of indication as to what she needed to work on to get approved in the future.

In contrast, Shannon told us that from the beginning, she had a feeling that Become wouldn’t be another letdown. When we caught up with her, she informed us that “so far it seems to be moving [in] a positive direction, and I really appreciate what you guys have helped me achieve.”

Shannon Deamer, Founder & CEO of The Deamer Group

When we asked Shannon which parts of the Become lending process she found useful, she told us:

  • The LendingScore™ Dashboard showed her exactly which factors to focus on improving to help her get funding
  • The ease of updating her information through Become’s platform
  • The email reminders helped her stay on track to continue improving her LendingScore™

All-in-all, the level of transparency that Shannon received by applying for business funding through Become is what left the biggest mark. She even remarked that being able to view her financial improvements update in real-time, was one of the biggest motivators for her to continue using Become’s services to obtain funding for her business.


What’s to come?

Indeed, the leap of faith that Shannon took in founding The Deamer Group one year ago has come with its fair share of hurdles to clear. But, with her drive and commitment, The Become Team is certain that great things lie ahead for The Deamer Group.

In the true spirit of entrepreneurship, Shannon plans to expand her operations to include a special branch that focuses entirely on the job-seekers themselves – the sky’s the limit! Become is immensely proud to include The Deamer Group in its ever-expanding list of small businesses that it’s helped to become more. 

Are you ready to become more?

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