Business Term Loan vs Line Of Credit: Which Is Right For You?

Business Term Loan vs Line Of Credit: Which Is Right For You?
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HandShakeOnce you’ve decided to apply for business finance, you need to make sure you choose the right loan product. Australian SMEs can choose between a business term loan or a line of credit. Not sure which to choose? No problem, an independent business loan marketplace will match you to the best option for your business.

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These are the main differences between a business term loan and a line of credit through Become:

Business Term Loan Business Line of Credit
Fixed term Revolving
Good for long-term financing Good for short-term expenses
Recommended for equipment, renovations, expansion Recommended for payroll, seasonality, cash flow shortages

Applying for a business term loan or a line of credit has the same quick and simple process through Become:

  1. Apply online
  2. If you qualify, get matched to the right lenders
  3. Receive money in as little as 24 hours

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Disclaimer: The above information is of a general nature. Before receiving a business loan you should consider the loan agreement and finance documents provided by the lender, and whether the loan is suitable for your business.

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