4 Reasons to Choose an Alternative Lender

4 Reasons to Choose an Alternative Lender
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Find out why thousands of Australian SMEs are turning to alternative lenders.

The lending landscape is changing, as more and more small-to-medium business owners turn to alternative lenders. Alternative lenders are providing SME business owners with competitive alternatives to the traditional lending model. Australia has become the third biggest alternative lending market in Asia-Pacific, valued at nearly A$460 million.

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Australian SMEs Trend Toward Alternative Lending

Over a decade ago the alternative lending market was born and is currently growing at a rapid pace. Australia has joined the growing worldwide trend towards alternative financiers.

4 Reasons to Choose an Alternative Lender

  • Simplicity
    Business loans provided by alternative lenders are typically unsecured, and usually involve an online application and minimal paperwork.
  • Speed
    Alternative lenders generally approve loan applications quickly, and funds may be deposited within a couple of days from application approval.
  • High approval rate
    Since 2006, traditional banks have decreased the provision of SME business loans by over 38%. This is according to a 2015 Wall Street Journal report. Alternative lenders will typically approve loans that traditional lenders are unable to approve.
  • Flexibility
    Alternative lenders typically offer flexible repayment terms based on how a small to medium business operates. For example, repayments can be made daily for better cash-flow management, and can even be adjusted according to business seasonality.

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