Lending Express is Now Become

Lending Express is Now Become

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Lending Express has changed its name to Become.

Just like us, all businesses dream to become
bigger and better — to become more. 


We realized when exploring our company goals, that we want our brand to reflect more than just the speed of getting a loan – we are so much more than speed! 


Some business owners are looking for the most optimal business loan, while others are struggling to even qualify for funding in the first place.

Our mission is to help all businesses improve their fundability, secure funding, and ultimately become the best versions of themselves.


To do that, we need a name worthy of the cause. One that not only conveys our message, but also urges us to become more ourselves, and do better for all deserving businesses.


The name change will be gradually rolled out – if you’d like to learn more about why we changed our name and the rebranding process click here


Thank you for your support – stay tuned!




Eden Amirav, Co-Founder and CEO



More About Become


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