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19 July 2021
I have tried several profit tracking apps and this is the one! This app covers all your expenses and syncs seamlessly. The charts and reports help you understand your business even better. What is the main question a store owner asks, is what he is earning? Well, this app gives you that answer.
12 July 2021
The app seems to do exactly as promized. It has multiple tra= ck functions (From orders (You can choose if unpaid/unfullfilled orders are= counted) and same as tracking the marketing platforms spent, which is now = essential for ROMI instead of just counting the ROAS of FB/Google. Great ap= p overall.
11 July 2021
08 July 2021
I was Helped by Raphael Hyde and it was a great experience! = I was totally overwhelmed with my new business opening and all the costs. I= downloaded the app but had doubts I would be able to make it work. Right a= way, Raphael helped me learn what I needed to, walking through all my quest= ions. He even was willing to jump on a call to help, even though my struggl= es were pretty basic. I couldn't be more pleased!
08 July 2021
07 July 2021
Love it. This app is both free and one of my most used shopi= fy apps. Highly recommend it to anyone still doing profit calculations by h= and.
06 July 2021
BeProfit has been great for tracking expenses, ad spend, and= profits. It also connects to Shopify to keep track of transaction fees, sh= ipping & handling fees, costs, order refunds, and taxes. This app is co= nvenient and sends daily snapshot summaries to your email which is ideal fo= r a busy schedule. Liora and Raphael are friendly, patient, and helpful; su= pport live chat is invaluable!
28 June 2021
I really like the reports and detailed integration given by = this app. Makes life much easier and your financial statement exceptionally= accurate. Highly recommended
27 June 2021
The best app for tracking profits
24 June 2021
Great service for any questions I had about the set up. I use this app daily and it gives a great insight into the business figures. Takes a couple of hours to set up but its set and forget unless anything changes.
23 June 2021
What an amazing app, SUPER helpful to analyse your business KPIs! I can't imagine that another one does a better job, I looked at several ones and Beprofit just looked superior in many ways. I especially love the integration of all costs, including live ad spending cost integration. Soo helpful in calculating profits!
23 June 2021
Easy and great way to monitor profits and costs. Great support and quick help on all topics/questions. Keep it going guys!
23 June 2021
So far so good, very clean interface, I love many features - one of my faves is ability to schedule WHEN you get the profit report. I don't get vendor shipping costs until next morning, so this gives our team time to enter actual shipping costs into the app b4 the profit email summary is sent. I had a feature request to be able to toggle on/off the marketing/adspend in P&L calculations and the developers were quick to respond. Just waiting for Bing to be connected so I don't have to manually do that. Very happy so far.
22 June 2021
Great app! Being using it for months to track our profits accurately. QUick support and updates.....
22 June 2021
Its puts the numbers in your eyes. Also, they keep adding new features to the app. Would recommend this app