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19 September 2021
This app is very good it helps with simple daily & monthly tracking,very helpful
05 September 2021
Pretty straight forward. UTMs for Ad Spend. Will help with seeing a clear journey of conversions. Fast Meeting Scheduling too.
05 September 2021
I used this app to figure out how much I am making, rather than using a google sheets. Its very comprehensive. Their customer success team and account management is awesome and very responsive. I came to them with some concerns and they were able to address them very quickly and efficiently. I am super excited to be using this app!
05 September 2021
This app is great and works brilliantly to track your income and expenditure. For e-commerce businesses this is great to track your products costs and profit margins on each line item. There were some tweaks I needed that I thought would benefit the product which the Dev Team took on board and implemented. The support is very fast, professional and most of all experienced in their product. The product works very well and displays all your figures in an easy to read graph / report. This is a must have for anyone use Wix with integrations such as eBay, Etsy and more
05 September 2021
great way to track your Shopify store's finances. BeProfit is able to give you insight into the business that just isn't available through the built in reporting in Shopify, and the customer service team is always very responsive if there are any questions or issues.
05 September 2021
This app is a great tool for visualizing your profit margin without having to create a spreadsheet of your own. This should have been included in the wix plan. So far the customer service has been on point and I am still figuring out all this app can do for our business.
05 September 2021
22 August 2021
Really great app, since I have started using it, I am now aw= are of my profits on a daily/monthly basis. Really recommend it.
19 August 2021
Really the best apps to analyze the business plan of your bu= siness. Moreover, the staff are very reactive.
17 August 2021
An absolutely amazing product that is so incredibly versatil= e. In my experience it beats "competitors" (if you can call them that, beca= use no others that I have found have anywhere near the functionality)hands = down. And to top it all off, actual real life support is just a click away = with response times quicker than my mum on Whatsapp!
16 August 2021
Really great app and special thanks to the support team. We = have had some technical issues with the ad spend not properly syncing and t= hey did not give up and fixed the issue :) Highly recommend!
12 August 2021
Great app with great dashboard to track profits. Nice interf= ace and friendly support staff to help with questions.
11 August 2021
This is a great app for keeping track of how much money is c= oming in. I have looked everywhere for something to do these things with th= at is not expensive. They have a free version and it does everything I need= . I had one issue, but within seconds that issue was fixed for me. The team= is so helpful and responsive it keeps you feeling motivated to keep moving= forward with your little business. Thank you so much for creating this ama= zing app and allowing us to have a free version.
02 August 2021
Raphael was a tremendous help walking me through this app ev= en though I had a bunch of niche requirements.
02 August 2021
This is a great app that quickly shows you how much profit y= ou are earning. The interface is robust and easy to understand. Kinky Toy S= tore=0D