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616 reviews
Mohammed Intiyaz
17 November 2017
Quick Pretty good service. They are prompt in getting the information and getting the funding.
Maria Sialas
17 November 2017
Very good service Got the funding in 4 days
Cody F.
17 November 2017
Quick and really fair Excellent, it was fantastic. Charles with Capify was great and I wouldn't change anything
Marnie K.
17 November 2017
You were brilliant Well, I reckon you were brilliant . I couldn't be any happier
Craig James Dunn
17 November 2017
You guys were fantastic Pretty good service, pretty easy. Got in touch with three different lenders and had the funds the next day.
Daulat Singh Panwar
17 November 2017
I was funded in 5 days It was quick and easy. I would recommend it to my friends
Paul Evans
17 November 2017
I would give it 6 stars High recommended, fantastic service
Arash D.
17 November 2017
Business loan I would recommend it to anyone who really needs help to improve their business, just like I did thanks to these guys! They are so helpful and easy to deal with. I am so happy with the service they gave me. Thanks again!
Darren Legg
17 November 2017
20k Loan Easy to do, without a lot of fuss compared to bank loans
Vipin Bsardwaj
17 November 2017
Honest and Clear Good clarity, fantastic response time.
Nicholas R.
17 November 2017
Great advice Quick and helpful. Highly recommended.
Richard Keynes
17 November 2017
Good process Good process. Would like to have been told that there would be calls from multiple lending partners as opposed to just one, but overall quick and easy.
Matt Colafranceschi
17 November 2017
Fast, efficient, and easy finance I would recommend this to other small business owners
Suzie Mc Nicol
17 November 2017
The right company to work with Easy process and got the funds within 3 days
Trong Le
17 November 2017
Thank you guys Thank you guys, very easy and very helpful. Quick response. Got funds within 2 days