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18 June 2021
What can I say this app has made what seemed impossible to calculate for us a total breeze. We can see how profitable we really are (finally) and as an early adopter of the application I can it’s hands down the best of its kind. One thing I wish I had learned sooner was my true numbers and now I don’t have to calculate them and take time off from running the business. Congrats to the team on this smash hit. Know your numbers!
16 June 2021
Love this app! Show all i need and the customer service are very good, they answer within 20 min, somethimes only 5.
15 June 2021
Very useful application that allows me to see in real time my results, moreover a source of information are provided to better understand and anticipate its expenses
31 May 2021
Elad Is The Man
31 May 2021
Wow... A god send on the basic store... It allows me to track most income and expenses (My shipping is a bit off but im still playing with the settings). Overall, I can get a good grip on the figures!
30 May 2021
Best. App. Ever. Love the product and love the team, thank you so much! Keep users informed and the amazing updates.
27 May 2021
Amazing app, works perfect and it helps us to manage our ads costs to keep our business profitable.
26 May 2021
I think this is the only free profit calculation app out there. They have quick support and they integrate Google and Facebook ads which is exactly what I need! need some work on new integrations but it's simple and clear to have a birds-eye view of my store KPIs
26 May 2021
The first app that really manages to put in order all the financial information of my store! The app helped me get rid of complicated excel files, it just displays the information in a convenient, simple, and accurate way. Highly recommended for stores with high scale
26 May 2021
Great App for financial optimization and analysis. Implementing was really fast and easy, than immediately I got some valuable insights on profit and cost. I also connected my Facebook Ads for campaign optimization and it worked great.
26 May 2021
I usually spend forever building financial reports like this - the app is really helpful because it updates automatically, so I can check in on expenses etc. whenever I want and selects the time period I want to see. The data is also pretty easy to understand. Really neat to see everything in such a visual way.
26 May 2021
This application will be one of the top in shopify apps, it has a lot of Potential, we have suggested few features and they were added within 24rs! i don't think should be for free! other apps charge between 5$ to 15$ for just little features! Good luck Raphael and the team! :) can't wait to see the upgraded expenses page! UPDATE!! Honestly Guys! GREAT FREAKING JOB! No words can describe how this app is THE BEST APP we came across! Thank you Raphael & Amit Please send me regards to your team!
26 May 2021
Very detailed. Easy to use. Nicely laid out. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to dig a little deeper into your financials and begin to make thoughtful and informed decisions on your business.
26 May 2021
This app, helps give me a clear picture of my profit and loss and cash flow in one place. I like that I don't have to login to quickbooks every time I want to assess my financials.
26 May 2021
Great app, constantly improving and listening to feedback. Would recommend to anyone starting to make consistent sales to keep track of their expenses.