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617 reviews
Direndra Kesavalu
21 December 2017
Thank you very much It was a big help, I got the funding that I needed. Thank you very much
Dacheng Zheng
19 December 2017
Very good It was a very helpful process. Once I applied I got the money almost immediately.
Mian Ahmad
13 December 2017
Fast service Very fast service, very friendly
Charles Hicks
07 December 2017
Everything was good Everything was good! I will for sure return for repeated business.
Henry Nour
06 December 2017
Reliable service I filled in the web application. It was a very simple process and I was able to receive my funds.
Luke Curran
06 December 2017
Great service It was a very simple process. I received funding in no time. I would recommend this service.
James Maenza
05 December 2017
Great company Everything was great. Thanks for the help.
Joseph A. Rivieccio
05 December 2017
Become (formerly Lending Express) Was Awesome! Worked out wonderfully- the speed of the loan was amazing. No confusion during the application process. The great thing about the loan they got me is that you can pay back early and skip having to pay interest!
Robert Burdue
05 December 2017
Become (formerly Lending Express) review Great communication! Service was smooth and easy! 5 stars!
Justin Barker
04 December 2017
5 out of 5 for Become (formerly Lending Express)! Become (formerly Lending Express) - Everything was as smooth as glass. Ya'll are awesome! My score is 5 out of 5. Thank you Become (formerly Lending Express).
Glenford Adjmul
04 December 2017
Perfect service I have no negative feedback, everything was perfect. I wasn't so available but everyone was very good about calling back at the right time. Rodrigo was really good, did what needed to be done to get me through the process. OnDeck was quick to call me back and give me an offer.
Maria Cantu
04 December 2017
Fast, efficient service Become (formerly Lending Express) was very efficient and fast. It is very tough for getting and understanding everything about the loan but the customer support helped me with understanding all of the steps I needed to take. It was a fast process and nothing like I have ever done before. I will stay in touch with you for future assistance and more funding. Thank you for all you do, Become (formerly Lending Express)"
Erik Teer
04 December 2017
Beats the bank! A lot more relevant to the businessman of today. A lot better than going to a bank. Everyone involved was very good about pushing me to get the procedure done quickly. Good pressure.
Darnyel Hogans
04 December 2017
Super-quick and easy Very good company, easy to use. Nissim helped me to get the offer. I really appreciate the assistance provided for free. I had to wait to get in touch with an account manager but soon after I did I already had the offer and soon after that had the capital I needed.
Stanley Nwadike
04 December 2017
Great experience It was good working with Become (formerly Lending Express). The process was much faster than I thought. Didn't even need help, they make it so that you can do everything by yourself.