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Azizollah Azizi
11 April 2018
Very happy with the process! I was very happy with the process and the service. Everything was quick and the funds helped us a lot. Also pleased with the lending company we chose to go with.
Georgina Evans
09 April 2018
I can breathe for the first time in a long time This was an easy process. I did not expect everything to be as smooth as it was. Everyone from the lending companies and Become (formerly Lending Express) were extremely helpful. I feel as though I can breathe for the first time in a long time.
Kanav Saluja
05 April 2018
No room for improvement This was a fantastic service with no room for improvement. I was able to purchase the equipment needed for the business. Become (formerly Lending Express) is a 5-star service.
Robert McCaig
03 April 2018
Very thorough service They met my needs and overall I am very happy with the service.
Jamie Berriman
08 March 2018
Quick and Easy! The process was quick and easy. I had the funds in my account that same night!
Paul Chaffey
06 March 2018
Very quick and easy! The process was very quick and easy, and just what we needed at the time. We got the funding the next day. Definitely 5 stars!
Tony Essa
06 March 2018
Makes the process go easy Become (formerly Lending Express) helped me very much because my invoices came in very late and made it difficult for me to pay my subcontractors. The funding made it easy for me to do this. I have to pay a lot of expenses out of my personal pocket and this helped to free up some capital. Excellent service and not to much complication.
Sharon Benjamin
05 March 2018
6 out of 5 stars This company is very quick. I was able to get the funding I needed to improve my business with cash flow in about a week. If you need lending, Become (formerly Lending Express) is the address.
Debbie Brown
01 March 2018
Fantastic experience I can’t believe how friendly the staff are. I felt at ease thoughout the very quick process. The process is amazing. Having worked for the banks for 30 years I thought I would be in for a long drawn out process. I will be recommending you to other business owners.
Chady El Allaoui
01 March 2018
Great Service and Team! A great company to work with. The process was very easy and the funding helped the business very much. The team was very nice, they cared a lot and were very patient. I'm extremely happy with Become (formerly Lending Express), more than the banks.
Sharnee Roth
01 March 2018
Great and Easy I was able to get funding with Become (formerly Lending Express) in 24 hours. The funds helped us to update our equipment and grow our business by increasing our client base. It was very quick and easy.
Adam Bold
01 March 2018
Great Service Turnaround! The process was very good, and I got through it by myself. We got the full amount we were after within only 7 days and they helped us a whole lot. Service turnaround was very good.
Ryan Pattison
28 February 2018
The banks have a lot to learn! The process was fantastic, couldn't have been easier! The funding help us with an injection of cash flow to keep our business moving forward. I would definitely recommend Become (formerly Lending Express) to other business owners, and the main banks have a lot to learn from this process and their services.
Alicia Blake
28 February 2018
Fast and easy with no stress Try these guys out! They're very efficient and their turnaround is very quick. I got funding in 4 days. The funds will make a huge difference for our company, allowing us to operate with less stress.
Michael Johnson
27 February 2018
Enjoyable Process The process was pretty enjoyable. It was fast and simple, and we got funding within a couple of days, which really helped us expand and grow the business. The company we were referred to suited our needs, and we will most probably be using them again