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02 February 2022
Great customer service (which is the most important thing to= me when adding an app to my store). The app itself has been SUPER helpful = with helping us learn our margins to better scale. Great app that every sto= re needs!
02 February 2022
Everything excellent! Support always available and no issues= that can not solve. Great app for tracking everything.
01 February 2022
So far so good. Really clean app with a lot of well-apprecia= ted polish. It seems to be exactly what we're looking for and has highlight= ed some key areas where we could improve going forward. This would have com= e in handy a number of months back when we were vastly overspending on ads = without realising it as well. Overall a very nice product with an equally n= ice customer support team, should we need them!
31 January 2022
The app is fantastic for tracking all of your P&L needs.= Also the team's customer support is fantastic at looking in any issues tha= t you're experiencing.
26 January 2022
Very helpful support! Jumped on a call and god good and accu= rate answers. Love the function in the app that you can easily see the stat= ics about different ad platforms at one place!
08 January 2022
Great app, I am using the free plan and it literally has eve= rything I need to get started. Pretty broad aspects for a free account.
29 December 2021
Great app. It fills in the blanks that my accounting system = misses out on. The most useful thing for me is the profit per order functio= n. I have many products so pricing and calculating prices can be time consu= ming. The product profit breakdown is also great. And connection with googl= e ads./facebook. Keep up the good work BeProfit!
28 December 2021
I absolutey recommend this app. With this app you can have a= very good overview about all expenses and profits. Also the costumer suppo= rt is very helpful and kind.=0D Keep on this good work guys!
28 December 2021
It is an excellent app. it does what it say it does. But the= best of all is their support which is the best i saw in Shopify apps Ever.= Thank you guys
28 December 2021
We The app is amazing, so easy to use and intuitive, the sup= per is always available to help, the graphics are easy to read and the anal= ytics are pretty good to scale.
27 December 2021
Love this app and the team over at BeProfit. Anyone and ever= yone running an online ecommerce business needs the data BeProfit offers to= optimize their own business.
21 December 2021
The best profit analysis app out there. Super straightforwar= d and easy to use and setup. Customer support is phenomenal too. They were = helping me even on Sunday. Congrats guys!
13 December 2021
We are trying to install the app but the installation gets s= tuck at the final stage. Need some help with installation. Thanks
11 December 2021
A must have App for every Shopify store, very useful and ver= y professional , responsive customer service and have even added a feature = on demand, thank you
08 December 2021
Great App! I have 4 stores and its quite hard to calculate p= rofits and see your revenue for each store. This app combines all my stores= into 1 dashboard and also calculates profits together! It's great!!