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03 March 2022
Customer service is really nice. I had a small issue with th= e plan they called and fixed it immediately.
03 March 2022
The app is overpriced the basic features comes with extremel= y few features and still costs $19 a month. The basic plan should either be= free and have the pro plan be $19 a month or the devs should include some = very basic features into the basic plan.
28 February 2022
Great App! This will def help me stay on top of business sta= ts. And support was quick to reply to my questions.
27 February 2022
Good customer service! very helpful !! recommended - and rea= lly nice app for order tracking - love it
25 February 2022
Very good app which gives you all the insights you need. Eas= y to use and very good support. Mus have for every Shopify owner!
25 February 2022
Excellent app gives accurate and detailed reports and very u= ser friendly. Customer support is outstanding. Highly recommend
24 February 2022
Great and very comprehensible dashboard, however some featur= es from Aliexpress don't work like shipping price sync and tax sync, so the= numbers on my shop needed some manual adjustment that the pricing didn't w= orth the work.
17 February 2022
The app works really well to track my costs. The only issue = I had with it was that my shipping costs weren't being recorded properly. C= ustomer Support helped me sort out the issue by setting up my shipping prof= iles properly and showing me how to update any previous orders that had cos= t recording issues. I am very happy with it. Thanks
16 February 2022
BeProfit is a great app and their customer service is amazin= g. I was having problems connecting my TikTok Ads account to it and had to= book a call with their support team. Daniel guided me through the possible alternatives to fix the problem, = and after being unsuccessful he offered to take the problem to their intern= al team so they could potentially be able to fix it internally. However, before we hang up he came with a last minute idea and patientl= y waited until I completed the steps and fixed the problem myself. I recommend the app because both features and customer service are grea= t!
14 February 2022
This app is really helpful to track our Expenditure towards = our spending, fixed bills, recurring bills, Ads expendeture & etc
10 February 2022
A recent demo call was scheduled with one of their support s= taff as there were a few questions that needed answering. The representativ= e was friendly and polite. All of the questions during the call were answer= ed clearly and professionally. At the time of writing this review, there ar= e a few customization limitations that could be improved upon in the app da= shboard. For that reason, my rating is 4 out of 5. The app itself is a huge= time saver! No more manual spreadsheets and Google Data Studio to visualiz= e the data for better decision-making. Highly recommended for improved anal= ysis and reporting efficiency.
10 February 2022
I do not trust this app. It makes changes in my settings wit= hout my permission. I also find it difficult to manage and understand.
09 February 2022
Great app for understanding your shops profitability and ove= rall ROAS. Also deeper analysis on product profitability and marketing spen= d. A bit on the expensive side though. Amazing customer service! They are r= eally responsive and cooperative!
08 February 2022
Honestly, this is the best app to track your numbers your lo= ss and your profits !! the support team are very helpful and good service t= hanks
07 February 2022
Great app to get detailed insights off all financial statist= ics. Customer service always very helpful.