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26 May 2021
Interface design and customer service are great! I look forward to seeing the third-party fulfillment services' integrations!
austin W brown
20 May 2021
Fundbox is quick and easy to use..... I would recommend fundbox to anyone in need of business funding. Incredibly convenient and reasonable. Love the the fact that available fund can be withdraw when needed.
Helga Kirungi
18 April 2021
AMAZING, SEAMLESS, FAST, STRESS FREE PROCESS!!     Kevin and the underwriters were very careful and focused on my interests.  The conditions I received, as well as excellent professionalism, gave me the impression that I was appreciated and respected. The Logic Advance Group represented by Kevin made my business come alive again.    I highly recommend the Logic Advance Group to any business owner interested in expanding or needing emergency funding!  Kevin was extremely polite, patient, respectful, effective and quick as lightning! He understood my busy agenda and communicated only as needed.  I look forward to a successful business relationship! I'm so grateful! The Logic Advance Group is by far the best!
Michael Ramirez
25 December 2020
Great so far The experience has been great so far. They have been easy to deal with and hoping for a long term partner as we continue to grow.
brett orme
05 September 2020
5 Star company highly recommend The ppl at Captrove have been amazing the process was easy and when Covid hit they gave me some room to breathe without me even asking for it and at that time i was extremely stressed thinking i was going to lose my business so the help they provided eliminated that stress and that shows these guys are not just about money. I highly recommend them to anyone Brett Orme
Amara Amara Pontani
17 June 2020
Easy Application process caring for their customers I can not recommend capify enough. I dealt with a unsecured loan advisor named Sarah , she ensured my application process was quick and headache free . I liked the fact that with capify they understand , respect and appreciate your privacy as a client and they care for your business if it is a small business unsecured loan you are applying for. Thanks capify for Funding me and my business and assisting us at the time when we needed it the most. Now with the corona virus pandemic I am hoping that I can do another dealing with a loan advisor from capify I don’t think I would recommend anyone else
Nathan stratford
20 April 2020
great for small loans great for small loans money is in your bank fast
David Benizeri
07 February 2020
All was good!!! All was good!!!
Alexander Oxford
06 February 2020
Quick and approved in no time! From when I requested info to my approval was less than 24hrs. Amazing!
Yiannakis Loannou
21 January 2020
So happy to get funded! I'm so happy to get a loan after all the issues I've had with others.
Justin Karczag
17 January 2020
They were incredible!!! They were incredible!!!
Pilllar Team
16 January 2020
Quick and easy process Quick and easy process
Edward T
16 January 2020
The team from Become were terrific! I appreciated their direction and help while making an important decision.
09 January 2020
Quick response and reply Quick response and reply from different lenders. Getting the loan a few days after my successful application.
Gail Staples
01 January 2020
Fast and Easy This loan was quick and easy. Funds were easily repaid without the hassle of having to remember dates for payment . Made borrowing easy for busy people.