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26 May 2021
This app is absolutely fantastic. It allows me to keep an eye on profit, overall and item/date specific. I can view the data instantly without having to track anything myself. I've tested out creating some automated reports and they work great. They are constantly improving the app by adding additional features and it seems they are receptive to feedback and suggestions from users. Recommend this app without a doubt.
26 May 2021
a must have app for ecommerce! Works great and flows with integrations, organize all numbers in a beautiful designed dashboard. Gives a lot of insights which are the key to a successful business.
26 May 2021
Without a doubt, BeProfit is the most important app you need. I plan to have Shopify stores for many years, and BeProfit will always be the very first app I will install. You always know your net profit in real time. The most important metric to know. No need to calculate anything manually, with the risk of making mistakes. Visually, BeProfit is spectacular! Full of relevant graphics, full of essential statistics you need to know. BeProfit 's customer service is excellent: they answer your questions quickly, and they even make BeProfit evolve according to our needs, which is really cool. Also, most of the dashboards & reports are fully customizable, what more could you ask for. I've been a store owner for 2 years now, and honestly this app was missing in my daily life! Now I am much more profitable because of it! Congratulations to the entire Become team, you have created the most important app for a store owner!
26 May 2021
Amazing app, very handy! BeProfit made it possible to track our costs in an easy and clear way. Keep up the good work!
26 May 2021
I've been super impressed with this software... and it's free. As far as free apps go, this one is perhaps the most useful out there. If you care about profits in your Shopify store (and you should!), add this to your store!
26 May 2021
26 May 2021
Simple to use and gives great stats that can't find anywhere else. found myself using every single day since day one, Thank you so much!
26 May 2021
Best Profit-Tracking App here, as it supports multiple adspent variants, nice interface, most flexible shipping and COG system etc. and not to forget the worldclass provided support by raphael.
26 May 2021
A very powerfull app. The best i can find. With the mobile widget i can looking in all moment the shop status.
26 May 2021
I use this everyday and its my primary tool for determining profitability. Very clean layout, easy to use as well as create product or campaign based reports. An essential for me.
26 May 2021
WOW! I dont do many reviews but this is worth it. The support from Raphael and the team has been incredible. They are always available and always so easy to communicate with and help get you set up. The interface and metrics and reports are amazing, If you are running any type of ecommerce business id highly recommend this as a simple plug in. The app and the team are top class!
26 May 2021
Interface design and customer service are great! I look forward to seeing the third-party fulfillment services' integrations!
austin W brown
20 May 2021
Fundbox is quick and easy to use..... I would recommend fundbox to anyone in need of business funding. Incredibly convenient and reasonable. Love the the fact that available fund can be withdraw when needed.
Helga Kirungi
18 April 2021
AMAZING, SEAMLESS, FAST, STRESS FREE PROCESS!!     Kevin and the underwriters were very careful and focused on my interests.  The conditions I received, as well as excellent professionalism, gave me the impression that I was appreciated and respected. The Logic Advance Group represented by Kevin made my business come alive again.    I highly recommend the Logic Advance Group to any business owner interested in expanding or needing emergency funding!  Kevin was extremely polite, patient, respectful, effective and quick as lightning! He understood my busy agenda and communicated only as needed.  I look forward to a successful business relationship! I'm so grateful! The Logic Advance Group is by far the best!
Michael Ramirez
25 December 2020
Great so far The experience has been great so far. They have been easy to deal with and hoping for a long term partner as we continue to grow.