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Graham Pryde
23 April 2018
Straightforward and really good. This was a simple process and straightforward.When I was called back by my account manager with other potential matches, that was really good because it was one of the companies I went with. The responsiveness was very good.
Guilda Tabar
21 April 2018
Best service ever. Best service ever.
Akim Williams
20 April 2018
Very helpful and attentive Very helpful and attentive from beginning to end .
Jenny Beaton
20 April 2018
Really easy The process made it really easy. The funds I received helped with our cash flow. Now when we get short on cash flow, it's really easy to call back the lending company we are working with and get a renewal. I wouldn't change a thing about Become (formerly Lending Express).
Harjinder Singh
13 April 2018
It was good It was a very good service. Great for anyone who needs money. It was really helpful for me. In a bad time, when I had no money and was struggling to survive, It really helped me. It gave me the working capital I needed.
Jamie Lee Collins
13 April 2018
It's been smooth sailing Very quick and convenient. You get an answer straight away. It's been quite easy; usually with most lenders it's quite a headache. I would recommend it to other companies.
Ragupathi Muthusamy
13 April 2018
It was good It was a quick service that I would recommend to other businesses.It was simple and straightforward. Definitely 5 out of 5 stars
Mark Alan foran
12 April 2018
Sorted me out in a day I utilized the web application and found the right lender for my business. I completed the application in the evening and was called the next day and funded within the day. I would (and have) recommended Become (formerly Lending Express) to other businesses looking for the right lending company for their businesses. I would rate this as 5 star service.
Lutchmee Govender
12 April 2018
Funded in 2 hours I would definitely recommend Become (formerly Lending Express) to other companies looking for a business loan. I received my funding within 2 hours of sending through the requested documents. I was pleasantly surprised to receive the funds so quickly. I was able to do a shop fit for my business. This was 5 star service.
Toby Williamson
12 April 2018
Great service I got funding in 3 days. It was a great process. The communication was really well done and everything in general was just an easy process. I would for sure recommend this to other businesses, the process was just so easy. You don't need to change a thing, it's great.
Praveen Ayethepalle
11 April 2018
Quick and Prompt! Amazing! Quick and prompt service, everything was very smooth. We got funded in 2 days - I never imagined it could be this fast!
Azizollah Azizi
11 April 2018
Very happy with the process! I was very happy with the process and the service. Everything was quick and the funds helped us a lot. Also pleased with the lending company we chose to go with.
Georgina Evans
09 April 2018
I can breathe for the first time in a long time This was an easy process. I did not expect everything to be as smooth as it was. Everyone from the lending companies and Become (formerly Lending Express) were extremely helpful. I feel as though I can breathe for the first time in a long time.
Kanav Saluja
05 April 2018
No room for improvement This was a fantastic service with no room for improvement. I was able to purchase the equipment needed for the business. Become (formerly Lending Express) is a 5-star service.
Robert McCaig
03 April 2018
Very thorough service They met my needs and overall I am very happy with the service.