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Lance Taylor
22 February 2018
Great service Smooth and easy, and constant communication with my account manager who assigned me to the right lender was an excellent addition to the old process.
Michelle Carter
22 February 2018
Simple to deal with Very simple to deal with, very easy, and excellent service. We used the funds to purchase some new equipment so that we will be able to better service our clients.I would definitely recommend this service to other businesses. 5 out of 5 stars.
Barry Gill
22 February 2018
Very Easy Become (formerly Lending Express) was like a well oiled machine. It helped me in every way. It was very prompt with getting things done. The funds helped me get back on track again and be able to consolidate some debt. I was very happy with the way everything went and it went through very quick and easy. I would for sure recommend this to other people.
Debbie Brown
22 February 2018
From working in a bank I expected a long process! How mistaken I was!!! No improvements can be suggested- This was incredibly quick and easy. I worked at a bank for 30 years and the customer was put through the hoops to receive a loan- The time taken would be incredibly long, then I went through Lending Express- It was fantastic, friendly service and I am still in shock at how quickly it was processed. I have already suggested Become (formerly Lending Express) to friends and other businesses looking for business loans. A big thank you, fantastic service.
Tarek hoblos
22 February 2018
A job well done Congratulations to Become (formerly Lending Express) on a job well done. A big thank you!! I would recommend Become (formerly Lending Express) to other businesses and friends looking for business loans anytime... Thank you very much for your assistance. This was definitely 5 star service- quick and easy.
Spencer Selby
21 February 2018
Couldn't be happier with the service Communication with my account manager and the lenders was excellent, and couldn't ask for more. will look at Become (formerly Lending Express) first if i ever need business financing again. very satisfied with the service!
William Jones
21 February 2018
Did it all from my cellphone! I did everything from the cellphone but it all went well. I was satisfied with the service completely.
Nathaniel Johnson
21 February 2018
Funded in 1 day! Thanks to Become (formerly Lending Express) for all you've done. it was a quick service, the communication and customer service was great and i appreciated it alot.
Hernan Barrozo
20 February 2018
Pretty easy overall It was very straight forward, no complaints and a quick approval process.
Brett Junior Mcgehee
20 February 2018
Self-explanatory The process was easy. Everything was self-explanatory and understandable. I didn't have any problems from start to funding.
Ryan Methner
19 February 2018
The customer service was awesome! They kept trying and trying for me. I know I wasn’t their only client but they made me feel like I was. I really thought they had my back every day. Website was good too. No complaints!
A. Enterprises
16 February 2018
Still waiting on banks... This is a service I would use again no doubt. I approached the banks and I am still waiting for them. This method was great and easy to utilize. Through being funded, I was able to continue with business as usual.
Manh Hung Nguyen
16 February 2018
Great Service! Excellent service. I found the whole process very quick and simple. The funds helped me grow the business, and I will be recommending Become (formerly Lending Express) to all my friends looking for a business loan.
Mason K Hanger
15 February 2018
Very, very smooth It was a completely smooth process from the beginning to the end. I signed up and was funded within the day. Couldn't ask for anything more.
Gary merritt
15 February 2018
Quick, Professional, Easy The process from the beginning to the end was very quick, professional and easy. I was assigned an account manager quickly after applying and communication amongst myself, lending express, and the lenders was great. Should I need the funds I would for sure come back to Become (formerly Lending Express).