It Takes Pressure to Make a Diamond: A BeProfit Success Story

It Takes Pressure to Make a Diamond: A BeProfit Success Story

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Some business owners are born with a bit more tenacity than others. This success story of an up-and-coming eCommerce store proves exactly that. In early 2020, just as the coronavirus pandemic was beginning to ramp up and countless businesses started shutting down, Liesbeth Van Eenooghe decided that she had waited long enough. Her long-held ambition to start a kids’ clothing store was simply not going to be delayed any more.

“We believe that every kid should be able to wear awesome clothes”, Liesbeth told the BeProfit team in a recent correspondence. Hence OTTO il Bassotto’s tagline, “Even wild kids need a wonderful outfit”. Nothing would stand in her way of making it happen.

While it was Liesbeth’s original goal to start OTTO il Bassotto as a brick-and-mortar storefront, COVID lockdowns and restrictions made that a little bit more difficult to achieve (okay, maybe more than ‘a little bit’). Instead of idly waiting for things to return to ‘normal’, Liesbeth understood that if her business was going to excel, she’d need to make things work. So, she seized the next-best opportunity available to her and started OTTO il Bassotto online.


Threading the needle

Since OTTO il Bassotto opened, Liesbeth and her team have been able to turn her business dream into a profitable reality. But, as we all know, the real world almost always ends up throwing us some unexpected curveballs.

In the ever-changing eCommerce landscape, and in her ecommerce niche specifically, Liesbeth knew that she would need to “make data-driven decisions to buy [their] future collections” if she wanted to stay successful, competitive, and profitable. That’s when she began her search for a tool that would help her gain control over her data and also give her the ability to track her key metrics over time. It was that search that led her to the BeProfit Profit Tracker app.

Although there are many such tools to pick from, and BeProfit was just the first profit tracking app Liesbeth had tried using for her business, she knew that this was the app for her. Since using BeProfit, Liesbeth has saved valuable time, gotten more insights, and has had an easier time understanding her business’s true profitability. Moreover, she points out that her favorite feature of the app is – the support team!

“Perhaps strange to say, but in my case Raphael is my favorite feature… I have the feeling I’m being helped and I’m able to ask questions… [and] the fact that I get help in setting up my dashboard is great”, Liesbeth told the BeProfit team.

Granted, the app did not have each and every particular feature that Liesbeth had originally been looking for, but the “very customer/user centric approach” she receives has made it indisputable that, for her, BeProfit is the best profit calculator app out there.


A better future for all

The big lesson to take away from Liesbeth’s success story is this: waiting for the world to make its way back to something resembling ‘normal’ isn’t going to cut it. In these tough times, we must strive to create opportunities and grasp them when they appear. That’s as true for OTTO il Bassotto as it is for BeProfit Profit Tracker.

Throughout all of the difficulties that were brought on by the pandemic, Liesbeth has never given up on her ultimate goal of opening her kids’ clothing business in a physical storefront. With her sincere dedication and motivation, we know that she will make it happen – it’s only a matter of time.

The future is also bright for the BeProfit team! As we continue to listen to our users’ feedback, we never stop working to improve and add features, streamline the app, and give online business owners ultimate control over their data.

We would like to give a big thank you to Liesbeth Van Eenooghe for sharing her feedback with us. Stay tuned to our blog for more BeProfit user success stories to come!

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