Become More Profitable: Introducing BeProfit

Become More Profitable: Introducing BeProfit

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At Become, we’re obsessed with helping business owners get the funding they deserve to support and grow their business. So why did we just launch a Profit Tracker Shopify App? Glad you asked…

In light of the unprecedented challenges that businesses have faced due to the coronavirus, including our own, there’s been an explosion of growth in the e-commerce sector. Brick and mortar businesses are migrating to cyberspace and online stores and businesses are popping up to cater to people’s lockdown needs in a do-or-die situation for many business owners. It’s here that we noticed something interesting in the funding landscape…


E-commerce sellers and businesses are not the same

E-commerce sellers are being treated the same as all other businesses when it comes to securing business funds – but they’re not the same. E-commerce sellers are subjected to basic underwriting processes that ignore external data sources. This obstacle means lower approval rates and lower funding amounts offered to sellers who deserve more.

The e-commerce landscape quickly became a focal topic here at Become as our team put their heads together to devise a new funding solution; a solution with an underwriting process that takes into account all of the online business metrics that belong to e-commerce sellers. A solution where smart sellers are rewarded with funding solutions based solely on their hard-data and potential.

While diving into the e-commerce rabbit hole, we noticed another headache that sellers face; there is no single platform where sellers can track, calculate and manage their profit and expenses in an intuitive way.

By intuitive we mean, visual.
We mean simple.
We mean everything in one place and easy to understand.

If Shopify sellers had a Shopify profit calculator app like that at their fingertips, they’d have so much more control. They’d be able to pinpoint where issues lie, better their supply-chain – and optimize their store for profit.

Low and behold, BeProfit was born!


Introducing BeProfit

With the BeProfit Shopify calculator sellers can see the big picture of their profit and expenses at a glance.

There’s no more over-thinking large data spreadsheets or self-calculating profit margins, it’s all there on one straightforward dashboard with a built-in Shopify profit margin calculator. E-commerce sellers can grasp exactly how much money they’ve spent on what and keep an eye on their profits in real-time.

Nifty features include:


1. One time set-up – BeProfit Shopify profit calculator integrates with Facebook, Instagram, Google, Snapchat, and TikTok Ads so that all your data is calculated for you and auto-updates over time. This Shopify calculator even auto-syncs with Shopify Shipping to pull costs and shipping profiles. Simply select the time period you’d like to dive into.

2. Profit dashboard – simplicity is key here. With just one glimpse of the dashboard, you’ll know where your business expenses and profit stand.


3. Understand where your money is being spent – get the full picture of your costs!


4. Complex business metrics explained – BeProfit skips the jargon and explains everything plainly so that you can understand what your data really means and how to improve your figures.


It’s time to understand and optimize your store’s profits.

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