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Thank you for visiting the website located at https://www.become.co (the “Site“) of LendingExpress Ltd. (“We“, “us” or “LendingExpress“). Please carefully read these terms of use (the “Terms“) as well as our privacy policy, which we may update from time to time, a current version of which is available here (the “Privacy Policy“). We provide value added services meant to connect small-medium businesses with small-medium business loan providers, as further described at https://www.become.co (together with the Site, the “Services“). By accessing the Site or using our Services, you thereby agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy. “You” means a user of the Site and/or Services. If you do not agree to the Terms and Privacy Policy, you should exit our Site and not use or review any of the information that is posted on the Site and not apply for or use our Services.

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Please note that we are not a government agency, government organization, financial institution, loan provider or other funding provider. We are a company providing value added services meant to connect small-medium businesses with small business loan providers. We may receive a referral fee from loan providers for providing the connection between you and the fund providers. The Service does not necessarily include all fund providers or all types of products available in the marketplace. We can’t guarantee to you will be matched or be given an offer, nor that your matches will be the best possible rates and terms available in the market.

Please note that generally you, either on your own or through an independent third party, as required by applicable law, can apply for small-medium business loans without the use of the Services directly with a small-medium business loan provider.

By using the Site or Services to assist your self-representation, you agree to the following terms. You are representing yourself and/or the entity you are authorized to represent in this business matter. No attorney-client or other professional privilege is created with LendingExpress. You have been fully informed of the Services that LendingExpress is performing. No governmental entity or authority has evaluated or approved LendingExpress’s knowledge or experience, or the quality of LendingExpress’s Services.

Please note that you may obtain information regarding small-medium business loans from a professional business consultant, financial institution or other funding provider. LendingExpress is not permitted to provide you the actual loan or any kind of advice, explanation, opinion, or recommendation about possible financial or legal rights, remedies, defenses, options, selection of forms or strategies.

No information on the Site is to be construed as financial product advice or a recommendation, to buy or sell any financial product. The Services provided by LendingExpress does not constitute an offer, invitation, solicitation or recommendation in relation to the subscription, purchase or sale of financial products.


Application Services

We shall provide the following assistance with respect to your search for a small-medium business loan:
(1) preliminary loan assessment services on behalf of our trusted third party lenders (the “Lender(s)”) using the information provided by you through the pre-qualification questioner completed by you for the grant of such small-medium business loan (“Prequalification Criteria”). The pre-qualification questioner may request information including but not limited to business name and address, amount and intended purpose of funding sought, certain financial information and documents regarding the business, and certain information and documents regarding your business (the “Application Information”);

(2) additional Services (the "Additional Services") designed to improve your credit score or otherwise improve the attractiveness of your loan application. Such services shall include access to LendingExpress' E-book, live Dashboard, LendingExpress's breakdown of financial statements and LendingExpress' internal score generated using LendingExpress's internal ranking system ("LendingScore Services"). The LendingScore Services shall be offered at the discretion of LendingExpress, if offered to you, you may be granted with access to LendingExpress' LendingScore dashboard which will provide you with relevant information and tips for how to improve your credit score and other factor such as: sales, cash flow management etc., you'll also be provided with access to LendingExpress' live dashboard which will enable you to understand the reasons for loan rejection, a personalized step-by-step optimization plan, an option to view your real credit score and monitor your process, and eventually provide you with your LendingScore.

Last updated: 09/11/2018