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George Georgiou
30 August 2018
The staff were very knowledgeable The staff were very knowledgeable. The website was very simple to use and it made it easy for application.
Pamela Campbell
30 August 2018
Very smooth easy experience Very smooth easy experience, staff are great to deal with.
Philip Knight
27 August 2018
Prompt and professional Prompt and professional, highly recommend!
John Barone
23 August 2018
Highly recommend this service The process was very streamlined and geared towards the busy small business owner. After a few simple questions, Become (formerly Lending Express) matched me with lenders that would help me reach my goals. Highly recommend this service.
Benjamin Edward Henry
21 August 2018
Excellent service, definitely recommend! Excellent service, recommend the right people as soon as they could! Definitely recommend them to anyone else looking for a loan.
Joshua Ballard
20 August 2018
50 times easier than a bank! At least 40 or 50 times easier than a bank!
17 August 2018
Can't believe how quick and easy it was. I can not believe how quick and easy it was to get this loan. Made my life so much easier. In less then a week I was approved and the funds were in my account. Thank You!
15 August 2018
Thanks for the opportunity to proceed with my dream I am so very pleased to be given this opportunity to proceed with my dream to run my own business as a lawyer and mediator and still be able to be making a contribution.
Paul Cox
10 August 2018
Great service Great service, highly recommend!
William Peterson
09 August 2018
This was easy! This was easy. I was in a bond but they helped me out and the quick service was great.
Daniela Reynoso
06 August 2018
Fast funding, great to work with. I was able to secure fast funding through Become (formerly Lending Express) in just two days. They were great to work with.
Lily Tydell
06 August 2018
Fantastic service!! Fantastic service!! Excellent product.
Hugh Andrew Ussher
03 August 2018
Good experience Was a good experience.
Ma , NSW
03 August 2018
Very quick! Quick, friendly and efficient.
Pushkar Chandra
31 July 2018
Incredibly fast and prompt service. Incredibly fast and prompt service.